Jim founded Nerd Crossing with a simple mission in mind – to provide the world with a trustworthy technology service provider that focuses on customer care. Nerd Crossing was founded on the principles of “giving back,” and therefore, we strongly believe in our vision to offer honest, high quality technology services to all home users and businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Nerd Crossing

400 Appian Way, El Sobrante, CA 94803

Phone: (888) NERD-XING

Website: http://nerdcrossing.com

Email: info@nerdcrossing.com


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Nerd Crossing is rated 4.7 out of 5 based on 76 reviews from around the Web.
I love Nerd Crossing! Jim and his team of Nerds consistently to a great job.Most recently, my sons ASUS laptop screen needed repair. They found the problem,...
Harold R.
Had a few problems with my PC. It took a bit of work to solve the problems....They were persistent on solving the issues!The staff is great, young and very...
Demetrio F.
Nerd Crossing is the "IT Department" for my small company. They handle all of our PC issues, as well as our website. They are quick to respond and do a great...
Cheryl M.
I walked into Nerdcrossing in El Sobrante with my broken computer. They were friendly and professional, and the price to fix it was reasonable. But what was...
Loretta S.
I can not say enough good things about Nerd Crossing!! They are an amazing company and I have not had a single complaint. They handle all the marketing,...
Brianna G.
I've used Nerd Crossing before for computer issues...they recently helped me with a significant problem on my desktop. They are OUTSTANDING!! I also have a...
molly r.
Finally a local business where I can get factual and knowledge-backed advice and help with all my computing needs. They will gladly give help with...
Lori Berry
Finally a local business where I can get factual and knowledge-backed advice and help with all my computing needs. They will gladly give help with...
L. B.
These guys are fantastic! They are helping us build our website and it's the best!! We can't wait for it to be complete. They have worked so hard to get it...
Jan Mignone
Best technical support ever
Shannon Gannett
Excellent service with pretty fair fees. Got my laptop up and running right away. I'm happy I have found this shop!
Alex H.
I have been to Nerd Crossing twice and both times they have been brilliant. Fast turnaround time, no surprises, nice, pleasant folk to deal with. I would...
David E. K.
Came back to Nerd Crossing to help "tune up" my system a couple of years after they set it up for me. Just like before they were OUTSTANDING! These folks are...
George P.
These guys have fixed up my computers real good. It's nice having a local tech company that can take care of business. As opposed to Best Buy, they don't...
Rob D.
Theres not a technical problem I have that they can't fix
Victoria Goeke
Very professional, courteous, and good at their work. Dropped my laptop off with them to remove a virus. They kept me updated on the status of my machine,...
Phaedra C.
After wasting $129 "down the street" with another local, Nerd Crossing wiped my highly-infected desktop clean and re-installed Windows. Fast, affordable,...
Lisa I.
These guys ROCK! My laptop was stolen... and someone brought it to them to hack it and unlock the password. Instead they determined it belonged to me and...
Heather B.
The guys at Nerd Crossing did a great job! They sorted out the problem with my laptop that had left me frustrated for days. They worked fast and cut me a...
Emmanuel H.
Nerd crossing generously donated items for our raffle prizes for our 48 hour film maker challenge and film screening party. Our audience delighted in the...
Melanie M.
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