Cyrano, My Love

February 21, 2020 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Point Richmond Community Center
139 Washington Ave
Richmond, CA 94801
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Cyrano, My Love @ Point Richmond Community Center | Richmond | California | United States

Frothy and funny, “Cyrano, My Love” imagines life behind the scenes of a classic story, with whimsically entertaining results.

‘This fanciful piece owes more than a passing debt to “Shakespeare in Love,” while staking its own claim as a brisk, funny, sneakily poignant love
letter to words, plays, playwrights and actors.

Yet it’s the semi love triangle comprised of playwrite Rostand, tongue-tied hunk Léo, his friend and actor, and Jeanne, Leo’s love interest, that
spins out in twisty, unplanned ways, giving the story its charmingly stirring, if at times morally shaky, romantic center and supplying crucial
fodder for Rostand’s evolving play.

Ultimately, “Cyrano’s” opening night performance comes crashing together, portrayed here in a rafter-packed, lushly rendered succession of
highlights that’s peppered with no small amount of close calls, fun surprises and valiant efforts.’

R (for brief sexual content) 1 hr.50 min. (2018)
Art House & International, Comedy, Drama
French with English subtitles

IMDB 7.4/10 Tomatometer 79% Audience Score 100%

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