House of Loving Hands is a non-profit organization that seeks to empower, encourage and support abused (Domestic Violence Victims) women and their children. We proudly provide a safe transitional housing alternative to women in the Richmond/Contra Costa Area/Bay Area. We teach a multitude of skills to empower women to self-sufficiency and facilitate the reacclimation of our clients to society.

Our mission is to establish a safe haven for abused women and their children. Through counseling, therapy, group sessions, job training, love and support, we work diligently to get our clients back on their feet. We work to build the self-esteem of the women we serve by celebrating their accomplishments so they can stand on their own platform of success. It is our prayer that the families we serve are healed from the inside out.

Our Motto: You’re Not Alone, It’s Not Ok and It’s Not Your Fault. I AM MY SISTER’S KEEPER!


richmond, CA

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