How do you build your sustainable business around doing the right thing, while also doing the profitable thing? With Julie’s help.

Julie Mathern is a senior business professional with over 25 years of marketing, strategic and organizational management experience in life sciences and education. A critical thinker, she has successfully identified key growth markets and launched new products that have integrity while realizing significant returns. She’s developed mutually beneficial strategic partnerships to open up new markets and increase sales. A key attribute to her skill is her focus on marketing campaigns and driving topline revenue for maximum cash flow. She has built and led powerful national and international teams by hiring the right people and aligning them with the organization’s strategic goals successfully, as well as make a positive impact on the world and the bottom line.

Strategic planning, developing products with integrity, sales, marketing, maximizing limited budgets, increasing cash flow, building teams—all those areas that growing businesses often stumble through—she has successfully navigated. Julie brings her passion, experience and proven methods to helping entrepreneurs become their best selves in order to make the change they envision.

Focus Programs:
One-on-one coaching
Group coaching
Leadership development
Strategic Planning
Training and Professional Development


Phone: 510-243-5440


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