The Richmond Community Foundation works to build the capacity of the Richmond community by serving as a Community Leader, Collaborator, and Broker, and by leveraging assets of all kinds in order to create and sustain a strong, healthy city.

Our work is based upon five pillars of effective community development:

Quality Education: Access to quality education is a defining characteristic of a sustainable community. It includes access to preschools, high performing elementary, middle and high schools, and high quality after school programs. Quality education includes both quality instruction and quality facilities.

Economic Development:

Individuals and Families: Increasing family income and wealth is important to creating a thriving community and economic stability. Economic stability is a combination of adequate income and financial management skills.

Community: Stimulating local economic activity is another important goal especially when it connects the target community to the regional economy and beyond through commercial revitalization and access to resources like New Markets Tax Credits.

The Physical Environment: Creating capital investments in a neighborhood changes the physical environment from one of neglect to one of community strength and vibrancy and supports the other pillars. The physical environment includes parks and recreation centers, landscaping and lighting, schools, and housing stock.

Health: Access to health care, mental health services, nutritious foods and healthy environments all combine to make a community healthy and active. Healthy children have more regular school attendance, leading to better student performance. Healthy adults increase their economic viability. Healthy communities participate in community recreational activities more frequently.

Public Safety: Many things besides law enforcement go into making a community feel safe. Environmentally sound design, safe walkways to schools and community centers, well supervised playing fields and other elements all combine to create an overall sense of safety and wellbeing


Stacey Street

1014 Florida Ave, Ste 200 Richmond, CA 94804

Phone: (510) 234-1200

Website: http://www.richmondcf.org/

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