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Richmond Swims is a non-profit organization that runs the Richmond Sailfish children’s swim team and the adult Richmond Plunge Masters swim programs located at the Plunge in Point Richmond and the Richmond Swim Center.

Richmond Swims is dedicated to increasing the number of children and adult swimmers in Richmond. As part of this mission, Richmond Swims offers low cost lessons to both children and adults through programs called Take the Plunge and Swimming Saves Lives.

Richmond Swims runs the annual Keller Cove Swim which brings hundreds of competitive open water swimmers from all around the Bay Area and beyond.

The open water swim group is an informal group that swims 2-5 times per week at Keller Beach in historic Point Richmond.  Swimmers swim year round with and without wetsuits, and the group is open to anyone who loves to swim!  Visit this group at

Richmond Sailfish

Mission Statement

The mission of the Richmond Sailfish is to encourage and empower young people to develop to their fullest potential as athletes, individuals, and role models in their community through participation in a competitive swim team program.  The program especially aims to provide inner-city youth throughout Richmond with an opportunity to develop swimming skills, character and self-discipline in a supportive environment that fosters work ethic, teamwork, good sportsmanship and personal improvement.

Our team offers all swimmers the chance to excel by maintaining small group sizes to ensure each swimmer plenty of personal attention from their coach.  With monthly competitions and other team events, Sailfish swimmers are able to participate on our team in a safe environment while learning a necessary life skill.


To be “Swim Team Ready”, children should be able to:

  1. Float like an airplane or jellyfish (without moving) for 5-10 seconds with their face in the water.
  2. Propel themselves by kicking for about 20 feet and should be able to take a few bites of air, using a dog paddle without touching the bottom of the pool.
  3. Be comfortable blowing bubbles in the water.
  4. Jump into the deep end of a pool and comfortably swim over to the side.
  5. Move their arms and kick in a freestyle (big arms) and backstroke – although it doesn’t have to look pretty.
  6. Coordinate their arms to their strong kick with instruction.
  7. Either open their eyes under water or be comfortable with goggles.
  8. Be happy in the pool without a parent.

For the younger swimmers we will first be teaching how to side breathe during freestyle, which is critical as it develops proper form and technique.  Once they get stronger and develop a nice clean freestyle, it isn’t very difficult to add the backstroke.  Introduction to Butterfly and Breaststroke as well as learning and practicing turns and dives will also help the swimmers gain a strong understanding of competitive swimming.

Older swimmers will spend more practice time focusing on specific stroke technique work, cardiovascular training, and race strategy, with longer practice times and an increase in intensity.

Masters Swimming

Richmond Plunge Masters (RPM) is a club member of United States Masters Swimming (USMS) and is one of over 100 Masters swimming clubs registered with Pacific Masters Swimming, the regional organization.

Masters swimming is an organized swimming program open to all adults, 18 and over.  Through coached workouts, competitions, clinics, instruction and workshops, Masters swimming provides opportunities for adult swimmers of all abilities to gain and improve fitness through the sport of swimming.   Members include fitness, triathlete, competitive and non-competitive swimmers, ranging from novice and recreational to veteran pool and open water swimmers.  For frequently asked questions about Masters swimming see

Masters swimming is a great way to stay in shape and meet new friends, within a positive, supportive and fun environment.


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Phone: (510) 356-8801


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