We are a moving picture company with a focus on cinematic live-action and design driven motion graphics. Our core strengths are in concepting, writing, and design for memorable storytelling. We have been producing work for big brands and agencies for over 15 years.

  • Technology & The Future
  • Commercials (Web/Broadcast)
  • Original Web Series
  • Brand Stories
  • Sizzle Videos
  • Comedy
  • Cinematic Live Action
  • Design & Animation
  • Magical Realism


Core Strengths

  • Inventive storytelling (creative and technical)
  • Optimistic outlook for achieving what seems impossible
  • Experienced creatives and crew


Our Approach

Listen & Learn

Our creative process starts with questions. We aren’t interested in the obvious solution, or replicating something that’s been achieved before, we want to know what’s best for this project, at this time, for this audience. Once we thoroughly understand the brand goals and positioning, we can begin our research.

Research & Design

One of our core values is research. We spend the time to understand multiple perspectives on the problem, which informs the ideas we
invest in. Our research and design must answer every “why.” Why are we telling this story? Why should people care? Why use a particular style? The why is really
interesting to us, and will make the project much richer and meaningful. And it is the only way we can prepare an effective pitch.

Pitch & Present

The pitch is our opportunity to communicate the results of what we’ve learned and designed. We provide a Creative Brief that becomes a living document for the project. This is where the deep creative collaboration happens; story outlines, tone exploration, style boards, and music discussions. Whether we are pitching with you or to you, the dialogue that results from the pitch brings us that much closer to production.

Decide & Build

Through honest discussions with you and reviews of our pitch materials, we now get to make decisions together about how to build the best product for the story. We revise and improve the Creative Brief and start the production machine. We build the right team, design specifically for the content, and develop the best process for this project.

Execute without compromise

All of our decisions and actions throughout the process are guided by an interest in quality. We won’t relent until the video is the *(approved) version of it’s highest self.


Aaron Barry

210 Washington Ave, Suite C, Richmond, CA 94801

Phone: 415.930.4300

Website: http://www.skycar.tv

Email: [email protected]

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