We assist organizations to unleash the creativity they already have, and to create joyful, productive relationships and workplaces. We do this primarily with two tools:

1. Sociocracy, aka Dynamic Governance (http://www.sociocracyconsulting.com), is a method of decision making and governance where people at all organizational levels make policy decisions that govern their own work. Yet the method is efficient – a voice for everyone in policy decisions and efficiency are often contradictory. The parts of the organization are linked so that communication flows bottom-up as well as top-down. The method is practiced worldwide by both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. A key innovation is its structural approach to improving communication and decision-making. The method fosters employee/member engagement, a culture of ownership, and an agile organization.

2. The Blueprint of We Collaboration Process (http://www.clsolutionsinc.com/what-we-do/resilient-relationships/) is used to establish and sustain healthier, more resilient business and personal relationships based on trust. Those involved, whether 2 or 2000+ people, write a customized blueprint to create the relationship(s) they want to have with each other. As an on-going collaborative process, it wires the brain for more connection and compassion and enables groups of all sizes to continually find clarity. It is often being used to replace or enhance traditional legal contracts.


Sheela Mierson


Sheella Mierson

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